Over the years I have been asked a lot of questions concerning different  construction projects . The questions listed  below are the ones I have been  asked  most over the years. 

I will be happy to answer any questions  or concern you have.

Sarah ( Maggie Valley NC)

​Hey David, I see a lot of retail Service providers. What seperate's your company from them?

​Sarah there are several things that separate us.First of all we are independant , which we do not have share holders, investors or gimmicks, or a one thing fix all. This allows use to focus entirely on the customers needs and wants plus not being retail, this keeps our overhead lower so we can put fourth better quality and resources.

​Matthew ( Newport Tenn )

​One question I do have about the equipment you use, do you own outright or just rent equipment?

​Hi Matthew, we own our equipment, and have a selection to tackle small to large projects, as well as keep very good quality equipment and tools.Having to rent equipment makes cost of the project  go up as well.  By owning our equipment this allows us to focus more resources to the customers project.

​Debbie ( Lake Lure NC )

​Hi David, I have been burned by a bad service provider before and can you tell me how I can tell the difference between a good and bad provider.

​Debbie, I am sorry you had a bad experience. I hear this a lot and I will share with you ways you can tell when talking with service providers. First of all a good service provider will take time to go over the project and listen to your concerns or questions. They will be upfront and tell you the facts. A good service provider will do what is best for the customer and be open and keep them involved in the project, and keep good communication! My advice Debbie, to you is to also ask questions, even if they seem irreleavent because a good provider will take the  time and care to answer, and if they do not know they will research to find the answer.

Lee ( Horseshoe NC)

​Good Afternoon David,  I would like to know if there is a upside of having cheap work to be done?

​Hi Lee, I have been asked this a lot as well. We have had to fix other service providers cheap style of work, and to be honest there is no upside at all to having things done cheap! The only way to do cheap work is to reduce material and time spent, which hurts not only the customer but the project as well, and also be outright dangerous depending on what is being done!

​I cannot tell you Lee how many project s we have fixed due to cheap methods by other service providers, it would have cost less to do it right the first time than trying to roll the dice!

​During my years in construction  I have never seen a shortcut project that was successful, our company does high quality work and does not take shortcuts.

​Bill ( Weaverville NC )

​Hey David, I am a new homeowner and never had a budget for construction and repair. My wife and I love our house, but we want to fix some things, plus do some landscaping and other projects. How can I go about this?

​Well Bill, what I suggest, depending on your needs and wants would be to write down current needs in a column as well as wants in another column. In the needs put down what is most needed to least needed, then do the same in the wants, like landscaping. Call a service provider and go over your list ,then you will have numbers and build a budget to match your list.Sometimes due to cost you have to spread  your projects out over time. Like myself with my house, I list things needed and wanted every year. Doing this, you not only can get things done but it will not overwhelm you in the process.

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